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Growing with L&T

At L&T Learning & Development is a strategic business function contributing significantly to organisational, group and individual effectiveness & growth by fostering a strong learning culture.

We focus our energies on the following thrust areas:

  • Deliver results and impact organisational performance
  • Constantly scan the rapidly changing environment and equip employees at all times with the required knowledge, skills and qualities
  • Leadership development
  • Develop corporate citizens
  • Deliver a global MNC and global leaders
  • Focus on action-oriented training
  • Synergise & optimise efforts - avoiding overlap and duplication and build a uniform curriculum.

A culture of continuous learning and development exists through structured core developmental programmes, conducted by reputed institutions for employees to develop superior management skills and capabilities. A host of strategic and behavioural programs are also conducted to address specific training and developmental needs of employees.

Other initiatives include e-publications (Leadership Newsletter and HR Newsletter), contests, book exhibition and guest lecture series where eminent speakers are invited.

  • The Leadership Development Academy

    L&T's ‘Leadership Development Academy’ offers world-class facilities to deliver learning & development programmes to employees throughout the year. It is unmatched in the country for the scale of its vision and the detail of its execution. The LDA has been recognised as a resource centre by the Symbiosis International University to offer Ph.D doctoral programmes.

    LDA recognises that learning happens during the dialectic of a classroom, in the private intensity of a library, or in the quite repose of a recreation room. This integrated facility provides it all. This "temple of learning" offers a platform to interact across geographies, development of future leaders and global corporate entrepreneurs.

    Visit the website of LDA here: http://lnt-lda.com/

  • Project Management Institute

    L&T has been at the forefront of large and complex projects across the engineering spectrum. Putting our knowledge and diverse experience to work, and recognising the need for bringing in experiential learning into the realm of projects, we established a one-of-a-kind institute in the industry – L&T Institute of Project Management (L&T I'PM).

    The Institute has 2 campuses - Vadodara and Chennai. Its Vision is “To develop a premier world class education centre, for creating global project management professionals, thereby making L&T a centre of excellence in project management.”

    Visit the website of L&T I’PM here http://www.lntipm.org/

  • Any-Time Learning

    Any-Time Learning

    L&T’s digital learning journey dates back to 2006 when Learning Management System (LMS) was launched under brand name “ATL’ and in 2016, it was further enhanced with the launch of Learning Experience Platform (LXP) – “ATLNext”. The state-of-the-art ATLNext platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Natural Language Processing technologies.

    A powerful recommendation engine makes learning fun and intuitive. It automates the learning process and improves learning effectiveness, thereby, providing a very personalised experience to learners.  Besides online programs, this provides access to on-line data bases, references, management videos, e-books and journals.

  • Key Initiatives

    • A Seven-step Leadership Development program has been customised to equip managers with the required knowledge, skill & mind-set to transition seamlessly to the next level of leadership and global entrepreneurship. The larger objective of the program is to build a future-focused, resilient organisation with a pool of leaders ready to take over the reins of leadership whenever the opportunity arises. In this effort, L&T has partnered with globally renowned senior faculty and premier institutes.
    • A ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Improvement Initiatives with representation from Group Companies and businesses focuses on specialised programmes such as Value Engineering, Six Sigma, TQM, Gemba Kaizen, Theory of Constraints etc. A structured approach has been initiated to develop a culture of coaching by programmes to develop a cadre of accredited coaches.
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