Campus Recruitment

Campus Recruitment

L&T’s campus recruitment teams visit India’s leading colleges, offering opportunities to bright engineers. The selection process is rigorous and we look for candidates who match L&T’s value system, have a strong knowledge base, and the skill to apply concepts. Above all we look for commitment and a passion for excellence.

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Induction Programme

As part of the on-boarding process, all fresh entrants go through an Induction Programme, a 'finishing school' as it were, which gives them an overview of the breadth of work. This programme titled ‘Prayag’ helps all Graduate and Post Graduate Trainees get acclimatized to our work culture and start delivering from day one. The programme consists of an orientation on L&T, its businesses and projects undertaken.

The trainees work on technical projects, individual assignments, product simulations, and undergo various technical as well non-technical exercises on-line.

The programme is a good mix of technical & behavioural programmes along with a lot of fun-filled activities such as In-basket exercises, Games, Contests and Cultural Programmes.


In 2020, Prayag took a new shape with pandemic related lockdowns impacting the entire process. L&T's commitment to future ‘Imagineers’ led us to design a unique and award-winning virtual onboarding programme. Designed and executed in record time, initiatives like remote joining, virtual induction, know your leader series and virtual tours are now institutionalised as best practices.

Currently, Prayag is conducted through a hybrid model involving both online and in-person programmes conducted through L&T’s various training centres.

Trainee Categories

  • Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs)

    L&T's amazing growth story has been possible because of the fresh talent that flows in from engineering campuses. We believe in transforming fresh graduate engineers into future leaders by making them go through the crucible of challenging assignments.

    L&T visits around 100 campuses where we look for bright engineering talent to partner us in our growth story.

    Indicative Roles:

    • Technology and Product Development Centre
    • Manufacturing Technology
    • Material competency Centre
    • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
    • International business development
    • Technical services
    • Project Management
    • Construction Management
    • Manufacturing engineering
    • Business services
    • Sales & Marketing

    The selection process covers written tests that measure intelligence, personal interview and a medical examination.

  • Post-graduate Engineer Trainees (PGETs)

    Post-graduate Engineer Trainees (PGETs) play a crucial role in various businesses of L&T, covering functions such as Research & Development, Design, Engineering and New Product / Process Development. PGETs get a role very specific to their area of specialisation at the post graduate level.

    Activities that are typically envisaged for PGETs are: design calculations, computer-aided high-end engineering analysis, simulation, optimization, basic and detail engineering, new product or process design / manufacturing, troubleshooting, failure analysis and new technology development.

    These require some degree of specialisation in a relevant engineering discipline, over and above the basic capabilities and knowledge base of a Graduate Engineer. The academic background of a PGET, academic project work carried out and his / her performance during the selection process determines the suitability of the candidate for an intended function. However, a balanced skill development plan through appropriate internal / external training intervention is necessary to enable the PGETs to develop and perform to their fullest potential.

    The programme trains the students in deeper theoretical knowledge which will enable them to tackle practical complex problems of design and development in industrial fields, as well as pursue further academic achievements through research.

    Indicative Roles:

    • Research & Design
    • Project Management
    • Technology and Product Development Centre
    • Welding Engineering & Metallurgy
    • Strategic Electronics Centre
    • Total Quality Management
    • Industrial Engineering
    • International Business Development

    The selection process covers written tests that measure intelligence, personal interviews and a medical examination.

  • Junior Engineer Trainees (JETs)

    L&T conducts entry level recruitment of Engineering Diploma Holders as Junior Engineer Trainees (JET) for its Hydrocarbon, Heavy Engineering & Systems, Electrical & Automation & Power business divisions in Maharashtra state. We also recruit JETs for Power Development & Shipbuilding businesses across the country.

    We visit around 100 Polytechnics in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, M.P., U.P. Chandigarh, and Punjab.

    Indicative Roles:

    • Supervision at shop floor
    • Operating specialised machines like CNC machines
    • Tool assembly
    • 3D modeling using PDS Software, AutoCAD Drafting
    • Manufacturing services like Q.A., Inspection, Procurement, Materials, etc.
    • Sales & Servicing
    • Plant Maintenance
    • Project Management

    The selection process includes written tests that measure intelligence, written tests that measure engineering aptitude, personal interview and a medical examination.

  • Management Trainees and Post Graduate Management Trainees (PGMTs)

    Management Trainees are considered the future leaders of the company. L&T’s Campus Recruitment team visits premier institutions such as the IITs & BITS Pilani for our MT and PGMT selection process.

    As trainees, employees gain experience and the knowledge required to transform engineers into management professionals capable of steering organizations along the growth path.

    MTs and PGMTs are given key roles to perform and managerial duties on projects and resources. They benefit from interactions with several departments of the organisation and clients.

    Indicative Roles:

    • Project management (MTs)
    • Technology and Product Development Centre
    • International business development

    The selection process includes written tests that measure intelligence, written tests that measure Verbal Comprehension, 2 rounds of personal interviews and a medical examination.

  • Chartered Accountants

    The recruitment of fresh Chartered Accountants in L&T is done through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), which provides placement opportunities to Chartered Accountants by organising placement programmes at various centres across the nation.

    Indicative Roles:

    • Financial Accounting
    • Costing & Indirect Taxation
    • Internal Audit
    • Direct Taxation
    • Projects Accounting
    • Treasury
    • Assurance & MIS

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Foundation (in 1st Attempt)
    • Inter CA (both the groups in 1st attempt)
    • Final CA (both the groups in 1st attempt)

    The selection process includes written tests that measure intelligence, personal interview and a medical examination.

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