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The A. M. Naik Heavy Engineering Complex is L&T’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located on the banks of River Tapi near the Arabian sea (about 16 km away from Surat, Gujarat). The facility spreads over more than 750 acres of land with a 1.6 km long waterfront facility. It employs more than 5000 people directly and more than 12,500 people indirectly.

One of the best manufacturing facilities in the world, A. M. Naik Heavy Engineering Complex showcases a symphony of cutting edge equipment and technology, largest and heaviest capacities and the best pool of engineering talent and skilled manpower.

It caters to critical, large sized ultra-heavy equipment for Process Plant and Nuclear sectors and is equipped with heavy thick rolling machines of 6000 MT capacity which can Roll plates up to maximum width of 4500 mm and thickness upto 250 mm (Hot Rolling), CNC gas/plasma cutting machines which can cut up to 450 mm thick alloy steel plates, Water jet cutting machine with working pressure of 3800 bar, Floor Mounted Horizontal Boring machines (12.5 m horizontal and 5 m vertical traverse), Vertical Boring machines with swing of 12 m and capacity of 250 MT, 4 Horizontal/Vertical Deep hole drilling machine with maximum drill depth up to 1200 mm, Forming press with 1200MT capacity, IOT based digital welding stations, highly skilled empowered workforce, Heat Treatment Furnaces (for jobs up to 54m long) and quenching facilities, advanced welding equipment, manipulators and power sources, Hydro Test Beds with capacity of 60 MT/sq. m., testing facilities, ISO 17025:2005 NABL approved testing lab, Linear Accelerator for High thickness radiography, PAUT, TOFD capabilities.

The shops have the capacity to manufacture equipment in mono/multi-wall constructions, with materials ranging from carbon steel, stainless steels, monels to titanium, high-nickel alloys, CrMoV alloy steels and high strength creep resistant maraging steels for the aerospace industry.

  •  Site Area: 900,000 sq. m.
  •  Shop Area: 98,000 sq. m.
  •  Fabrication bays with under hook lifting capacity up to 1000 MT and facility to handle critical equipment  more than 2000 MT in weight
  •  Large Equipment Manufacturing Facility: 280,000 sq. m coastal facility with a load-out quay and RO - RO jetty
  • Max Size: NO Limitation

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