L&T’s  efforts in supporting employees, families, customers and supply chain business partners have continued throughout the three waves of Covid 19 with quarantine facilities, helplines for medical support, counselling, special Covid19 medical insurance, onsite testing and vaccination drives across our campuses, offices, manufacturing facilities and project sites.

These initiatives fall under 3 broad areas of Safety (ensuring Covid 19 appropriate protocol at sites and providing testing and medical facilities to workmen), Medical facilities & counselling at offices as well as for those working from home and Education – effective communication of  health & safety guidelines and authentic information helps employees take responsibility for their Covid 19 appropriate behaviour and protocols as well.


There are rigorous safety SoPs in place at all sites and campuses of L&T, and continuous communication to employees regarding health and safety advisories.

Vigilance at project sites ensures that hygiene, catering, waste management and preventive measures including social distancing is being rigorously maintained. Ambulances, doctors and medical facilities are accessible for workmen and employees.

Physical health goes hand in hand with mental health 

Counselling provided by trained professionals can make a profound impact on the lives of individuals, families, and communities. L&T provides in house counselling to help employees navigate difficult life situations during the pandemic.  

We also offer a special telephonic counselling helpline - iCALL - for employees and their families. This service provides not only support and counselling, but also authentic and verified information.

Joining the National Effort


We are committed to participate in corporate India’s response to COVID-19 through funds, technology support and community welfare.  

Dealing with COVID-19 has added to the many challenges and pressures that the underprivileged communities have to face every day. It has also pushed many people back into poverty. In such difficult times, L&T took the lead to address key issues – such as setting up ICUs to treat COVID-19 patients, equipping Government hospitals with ventilators, providing PPE kits, gloves and masks to healthcare workers and making food and basic provisions available to those in need. L&T’s CSR team actively got involved and assumed responsibility for educating communities about COVID-19 prevention and safety measures in the project areas and provided counselling and referrals wherever required.

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Technology solutions developed by L&T have been used extensively by various state governments and local authorities across India to track and control the spread of the virus. These range from intelligent surveillance and crowd control systems to public messaging systems.


Technology to find COVID-19           

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