GRACE (Get Ready for an Awesome Career in Engineering) 
A Pre-Joining Engagement Initiative for GETs/PGETs

The past year has been challenging in more ways than one; however, at L&T the momentum may shift but never slows down. In 2020 we ‘visited’ 100+ colleges for GET/PGET Recruitment and hired more than 1000 technical trainees.

 In addition to the entire process being conducted digitally, our Talent Acquisition team launched a unique initiative to build engagement and awareness of L&T and its various businesses. The programme, called GRACE, extends over a 10-week period and is designed with a younger generation in mind – including gamification, quizzing and specially created content to help students explore various career paths within the organisation, as well as practical content related to Behavioural Skills etc. 

Of course, the students take this journey virtually - through a Mobile Micro Learning Platform - which continues till they join the company, where they would be working in critical roles like business development, strategy, design, contract management, project and construction management.

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