Message from Group Chairman on COVID-19

March 30, 2020

Employees of the L&T Group

Dear Colleagues,

All of us, and indeed people around the world, are facing the gravest collective threat to our lives.

I do hope that you are taking good care of yourselves and your families. Please continue to observe every precaution and ensure your own safety and the safety of all those at home

As we go through the 21-day lockdown declared by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, we need to be mentally prepared for a battle which we will fight by staying at home. The frontline of the battle is the threshold of our houses. If we can contribute to breaking the transmission chain of the virus, we will have rendered the greatest possible service to contemporary society and to our nation.

I am sure all of you would have seen the heart-breaking images of thousands of migrant labourers trudging long distances in a desperate attempt to find food and shelter. In the face of this humanitarian crisis, the need of the hour is for each of us to do our bit to mitigate the pain and anguish of our fellow citizens.

In response to the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s appeal, L&T has pledged a sum of Rs 150 crores to the ‘PM-CARES’ fund to help fight the pandemic. Over and above this, we are contributing to the cause in many ways, at multiple levels. The Company is taking care of the needs of 1,60,000 workers at its project sites by continuing to pay wages, provide food, shelter and other basic necessities while maintaining the Covid 19 preventive & containment protocol. This involves an outlay of Rs 500 crores per month.

We are also exploring a range of other measures to assist the authorities. These include converting all the Company’s Training Schools across the country into Isolation Centres, launching integrated welfare programmes and offering solutions which leverage our engineering and construction expertise.

The Company and its people have always stood by their fellow citizens in their hour of need. I believe it is our duty as L&Tites, and as relatively more fortunate citizens of India, to rise to the occasion yet again. Our CEO & Managing Director, Mr. Subrahmanyan will soon be sending out a communication on how you can collectively extend further support to this national cause. I appeal to you to be generous in your response.

I thank each of you for demonstrating, in your own way, a great deal of resilience and discipline through these challenging times.

Once again, I personally wish you and all at home good health and safety.
Jai Hind!

A M Naik
Group Chairman, L&T Group

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