Other Applications

From quarrying to construction sites, from road laying to tunneling operations, our machines are tough & dependable work horses, deployed to optimize time and effort.


Marble quarrying is one of the toughest operations, where our machines are deployed. The marble blocks are generally rolled after excavation / separation from the parent block and then lifted to different locations for storing / loading prior to transportation. This type of quarrying requires rigid and sturdy structures on the machine, since it continuously undergoes large stress and strain during operation.

Our machines which are robotic-welded are stress-free structures. The pins are cast so as to get the optimum strength and hardness. Excavators in the 20 tons and 30 tons are best suited for such applications.

In granite quarrying, granite blocks are first cut using giant saws or rippers, pulled out from the primary block, rolled to the storing / loading locations and transported in trucks / trailers. Large blocks are generally handled by using cranes.


Urban construction relates to site works like excavation for foundation, drainage, rock breaking, etc. This requires a lot of earthwork excavation and is done with machines of various weight classes (upto 30 tonnes depending on the size of the job and the time frame). Drainage works involve trench cutting and this can be accomplished easily by using special trenching buckets with the desired width. This will avoid backfilling jobs as well as save on time.

Road construction including 4-laning / 6-laning of existing roads and construction of new roads - National Highways or State Highways - is an ongoing mega project in India. There are huge investments in this sector. Road projects require a lot of machinery - excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, motor graders, tipper trucks, crushers, etc. Our equipment helps implement these projects and build quality roads at scale, efficiency and speed.