Mining Operations

Mining Operations

Mining is one of the key growth drivers of most economies. L&T’s mining equipment business offers products for the entire gamut of mining processes, from site preparation to loading and hauling.

Site preparation

Site preparation involves preparing of flat ground level for the excavator and hauling unit for operation. This is usually done by excavator at the operation site. But for covering the lead distance and access roads, it is necessary to have road-building units like dozers and motor graders.

Material handling

Wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators find one of their best uses in removing loose overburden or ore from the mines. The hydraulic system enables the machine to have faster cycle time with less fuel consumption while hydraulic losses are prevented with special protective measures.


For earthmoving or mining applications, it is imperative to have hauling units. A wide range of tipper trucks and off-highway dumpers serve the purpose of hauling. Depending on the excavator bucket capacity, quantity and density of material to be excavated and hauling distance, various sizes of tipper trucks /dump trucks are deployed.

Overburden removal

Overburden removal is the starting phase of mining activity. This involves removal of the top layer which generally consists of clay, soil, rocky material and at times very low grade of ore. It is only after removal of overburden that the ore is excavated, either directly or by drilling, blasting or ripping. The quantum of overburden removal depends on the OB to ore ratio and can differ from site to site.