Irrigation projects such as barrages, canals, aqueducts, lift irrigation, flood banks etc. demand speed & efficiency. Our equipment helps meet these challenges across various types of jobs.


Our Hydraulic Excavators are extensively deployed for excavation of earth in irrigation projects. Their faster cycle time, coupled with low fuel consumption make them versatile and an attractive proposition in jobsites, where production is of utmost importance.

Dozing / Levelling

Irrigation work also comprises dozing / leveling activities wherein the ground has to be cleared or flattened for movement of tipper trucks, making trenches, etc. This work is accomplished by dozers and motor-graders. In projects such as construction of dams, dozers are used intensively for getting a flat base.

Our small and medium-size dozers have proven their versatility in ripping, dozing and leveling operations in irrigation projects. Motor graders are also deployed for leveling activity and for making haul roads for movement of tippers / dumpers.


Dredging involves the removal of sand, soil or silt from water bodies like the backwaters in shallow ports, rivers and lakes. This can be accomplished by using clam-shells, draglines or de-weeding buckets. These special application attachments are designed to suit the specific site conditions and mounted on excavators. For shallow water dredging, the machines are mounted on pontoons – with or without the undercarriage